Thursday, May 19, 2011

New TV

This morning, before leaving for classes/work, I and my family gathered in the den to check the weather and local news. Much to our dismay, our old 42 inch tube television just flickered on and off. Angrily we all left, to go about our business. My brother and I to class, dad to work, and mom to pick up what she needed to work from home. However, my mother apparently decided to purchase a new television during her lunch break. So my brother and I arrive home to find a new 42 inch Vizio flat screen LCD HD 3D tv. The picture quality on this thing is amazing. I haven't hooked my Xbox or Wii up to it yet, but it is just jaw-dropping.


  1. I bet it must be nice , i've been wanting to buy one for quite a while now

  2. Nice, new TV's are always a plus