Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Evening update, with Turtle

So yeah...did two hours of legs and shoulders today....I'd really like to make a long winded post about how I feel good about myself, for hitting the gym after almost twelve years of not working out...but yeah. Instead I will go over why I haven't really exercised in so long. As previously stated, I'm twenty-five. When I finished my eighth grade year, I decided to join the football team for the highschool, and went to the spring training for it, my last couple weeks of middle school. Things went well, and although I'm not a particularly big individual, I'm stocky for my size. Currently I'm five foot six, and weigh 188lbs. I however have seven and a half inch wrists. What this signifies is that I'm a large frame person. Short, but thick,  strong bones. I'm wide shouldered, and were it not for the gut, small waisted. So, despite being a small guy height wise, I can still pack on the power. Anyways, this proved to be a virtue for me training for highschool football. I was assigned to be defensive and offensive right tackle. Most of our other linemen were six foot dudes(at 14 and 15!) and weighed over two hundred. So I went to every weight training the school offered that summer. On the last day, on my last set on the leg press machine, my right foot slips, and although the machine had safety-catches, it whacked my knee on the way down and the trauma knocked bone off the back side of my patella. It took 10 x-rays and 3 MRIs to figure out what was wrong/get my parents insurance at the time to pay for me to have knee surgery. After that it was three months on crutches and six months of physical therapy. Needless to say, I decided to spend the  rest of highschool eating snacks and drinking beer with my buddies. Which leads me to the out-of-shape guy I am today. But I'm working on getting back in shape. So kudos to me, and kudos to anyone else who is picking themself up out of their chair and working on it.


  1. My god that is terrible man. I am wondering if karma hit you or anything because there is no way that would just randomly happen man. I'm sorry to hear. Good luck and I hope you achieve great success in life!

  2. Yeah, I really need to get up and do stuff like your doing.