Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday, a day...

....That we all hate. I really detest Monday, first day back to work (if you have a job), or class after a weekend. Currently I'm out of work, but working hard at finding a new job, and going to school for welding. I've looked into some welding jobs, but I don't really feel like I would have the time to work the job and go to class due to what the schedule would be like. Hopefully something will come up.

Today, I woke up at six, fully intending to get up, and go for a walk. I need to get into better shape, I'm a little on the fat side. I actually want to be able to do the P90x work outs(I have the DVDs), but I'm too out of shape for them. I attempted them a few months back, I did the first week, and then couldn't walk the following week, so I kind of set them to the side. I know they work though, I just need to be in shape enough to do them. Anyway, I intended to go for a jog this morning, step out the door, and head towards the street when my stomach started to pain me. Guess like the jambalaya I made last night wanted to say 'good f'ing morning to you!'

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